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Malmö is an international city with over 180 nationalities represented. Culturally diverse and dynamic, Sweden’s third largest and fastest growing city is a source of inspiration for new business ideas and trends.


We offer individual service from business development and registration to scaling up.

Our extensive experience, allows us to motivate and empower our entrepreneurs with the tools needed to help them build sustainable companies. Our focus is to serve all, regardless of socio-economic background, religion, gender, race or age.


LEVEL exists in partnership with Coompanion Skåne, Tillväxt Malmö and Almi Skåne and funded by the City of Malmö.



"Jobs, growth and more! The self-sufficiency of Malmö residents are at the top of our priority list and I am proud to see LEVEL focused on enabling companies and entrepreneurs to aim high. Malmö is Sweden's youngest, fastest growing global city in Sweden. There is plenty of will and drive here and we should take advantage of that. For example, speaking several languages ​​and having networks all over the world is a strength in an increasingly globalized world, and I am glad that LEVEL so clearly wants to incorporate these assets into their services." ~ Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Mayor of Malmö, chair of the municipal board

"Malmö has everything anyone could want. We are international and LEVEL embraces our cultural diversity by having an open door policy for all, no matter their origins. When we work together, we are powerful and committed to creating a dynamic and colorful place to enjoy." ~ Roko Kursar, Vice Mayor of Malmö, vice chair of the municipal board

“If we want to innovate, we have to bring our international communities into the conversation. Like everyone else, they pay into the system and should be given the same opportunities to succeed. We have to be inclusive to create a gentler, smarter, and more accepting world.” ~ Fadi Barakat, Business Developer for Malmö Stad

“Listening and paying attention to client's needs and concerns helps us gain insight into Malmö’s cultural diversity, its strengths and talents. We want to erase the line that separates us and encourage participation at all levels, giving everyone a voice and a fair chance.” ~ Corinne Trang, Senior Business Developer, LEVEL Malmö

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