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Grand Opening Event

A ribbon-cutting ceremony with Mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh and Vice Mayor Roko Kursar

On the 1st of December 2021, we opened the doors to our new offices strategically located at the Mobilia shopping center in Malmö. We were thrilled to have our guests of honor, Mayor Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh and Vice Mayor Roko Kursar, join us for the red ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Their words of encouragement solidify the necessity of our organization in Malmö and our position amidst the start-up incubators of the city. Inclusion, integration, innovation, diversity, sustainability, and equal opportunity are at the core of our beliefs at LEVEL. Our vision is as colorful as the world we live in and the people we serve. Having the Municipality of Malmö support this endeavor is meaningful.

During this fun event, we got to connect with our partners including Almi who gifted us with a ping-pong table. According to their CEO, Marie

Krüger, "taking a break and hitting the ball a few times across the table with your opponent is a great way to relax, clear your head and get energized." Indeed a few of our guests including Vice Mayor Roko Kursar and Siavosh Derakhti (Forbes 30 under 30) played a few rounds!

Our guests included a wide range of clients from various industries including publishing, law, technology, food and beverage, health and wellness, non-profit and more. We got to mingle and hear about their challenges and excitement about LEVEL and the support system it represents. "No" is not part of our vocabulary. We want everyone to feel welcomed; so if you can dream "it," we want to discuss ways to make "it" a reality.

One of the common concerns brought up during the evening was integration. Due to too many reasons to list here, people who immigrate to Sweden face daily challenges in finding jobs or simply navigating Swedish laws and regulations. Coming to a new country is hard enough and cultural differences are many. Learning a new language is also tough, though English is Sweden's second most widely spoken language, especially for business. There are resources available to everyone in Sweden. Asking is all one needs to do, yet asking for help is something that many cultures are not accustomed to. LEVEL is here in part to help find answers relative to developing a business and take part in Malmö's economy.

That day was also the start of the new Covid regulations set forth by the Swedish authorities. Following their mandate, we checked for vaccination passes and negative test results to keep everyone as safe as possible. In some ways we were sad not to have everyone attend. Yet we also felt very much aligned with the all-too-common statement, "we are all in this together." Mindfulness counts for a lot these days, so while our offices are open to ALL, we ask that you do everything in your power to keep everyone in your reach healthy and happy. Working alongside each other, carries a greater meaning today. Our safety and your safety are paramount.

Welcome to LEVEL Malmö at Mobilia.


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