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She's The Talk of the Town

Balqis Lamis Khattab founded Möllans Basement, Malmö's youth center.

Founder of Möllans Basement, a celebrated youth center, Balqis has dedicated her life to providing a safe place for Malmö’s youth. At the tender age of 14, she felt a need to gather with kids her age, celebrating their heritage and figuring out ways to participate in the city’s cultural landscape. Though born in Sweden, she is Syrian and understands the challenges of building a life on foreign ground. Today, at 28, she is one of Malmö’s most celebrated saviors and spokesperson for the youth. Her center is one of exploration and creativity where young people can get career advice, training support, and general guidance.

We are happy to welcome Balqis to LEVEL as one of our fierce entrepreneurs who speaks for the city’s youth. ”It’s important to have a place for young people to dream big, and at the same time actually achieve those dreams,” she says. “LEVEL is an important resource for Malmö and for Möllans Basement. I’m excited about collaborating on a series of workshops for Malmö’s youth.”

Lovingly referring to them as her “kids,” Balqis looks forward to giving them the leadership tools—including advice on laws and regulations—they need to build businesses in Sweden.

“I have worked with a lot of young entrepreneurs and I know that they need a professional place to go to for help with their business. LEVEL has a big network and can contribute a lot to their needs.”


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