Welcome to LEVEL where we offer free advice in several languages. Book a first meeting and share your thoughts. We will help you develop a plan of action.



Dare to dream?

Perhaps you noticed something that sparked an idea. Whatever inspired you, we’re here to listen and get your creative juices flowing. We’ll guide you every step of the way and give you the tools to develop a viable concept and help you reach your highest potential. Together we will address challenges and clear the way for success.


Ready, set, go!

Lots of questions come up when developing a business. What type of business, should you register? How to develop a business plan? We will discuss with you Swedish business processes, laws and regulations in time for your grand opening. At LEVEL, you're in good hands.



Our portfolio includes a diverse customer base from across industries. We have the tools, the network, and partners to grow your business. We help you identify gaps and find solutions to increase your bottom line. 

Grab a desk!

Running your own business is fun and you don't have to be alone. Come to LEVEL and get your work done while meeting other entrepreneurs. When you work from our shared office space, you can get solid advice, participate in workshops, and network at events. Your desk is free of charge for six consecutive months.


We offer: 15 individual desks, 2 soundproofed conference rooms, 1 multifunctional room,

2 quiet telephone rooms and lockers to store your things. 

opening hours

Five days a week

Monday through Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00

Friday from 9:00 to 16:00

Contact Yahneake, our friendly community manager

yahneake.russell@levelmalmo.se  |  +46 70 895 51 95

We share a space

We learn together

We exchange ideas

We network

We are a community

We are LEVEL Malmö